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Loving Tails

Cat & Kitten Rescue


Loving Tails Cat & Kitten Rescue is a non-profit organization that thrives solely on charitable donations, volunteers, and a founder who has a genuine love for cats. Without these three "ingredients," the recipe for running a successful cat rescue would not work. Your donation helps contribute to the following:


Food & Shelter

We try to create a thriving environment for all of the cats & kittens that are rescued at any given moment. Each shelter comes fully stocked with scratch posts, cat towers, heat, shade, and of course fresh water, dry food, and wet food. Kittens are bottle-feed by one of our cheerful volunteers. We check-up on the newborns often and care for the mothers as they lay in waiting for their new forever home.


Care & Treatment

When cats are homeless, they tend to fall victim to flees, worms, malnutrition, etc. All of our recused cats are immediately accessed for treatment. We bathe them to remove the flees and any debris. Some need treatment with a veterinarian and some just need a little "TLC." Donations help keep us fully stocked with items needed to do home care, doctor visits, spade & neutering, etc. Your support counts.

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Additional Expenses

Expenses for new travel cages, gas, and the cost of doing business, all begin to add up. This is my passion, so I'm more than willing to pay out of pocket. I've allotted a small budget to help aid with these growing expenses. Your charitable donation helps me continue doing what I love with less financial strain.

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